Anyone know where I can buy crates of Lucozade online ?

Found 18th Jan 2008
I'm addicted to the stuff and need to start buying big wholesale packs
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There was a link on here a few weeks back for free bottles of it but it was a new variety with lemon in it. It was just before xmas.
If not, try Asda's own version- just as good but half the price.

Buy sachets, or boxes of self-mix, as thats definately your best bet for getting wholesale prices.

Ebay have them on occasionaly, in:
Sporting Goods > Exercise & Fitness > Vitamins & Supplements
But watch out for the BEST BEFORE dates if buying on there.
Should have said but I'm after the Lucozade Energy
One of the supermarkets had themon BOGOF the other week. I think it was Tesco? I don't know how much wholesale prices are though.
ASDA had the big bottles as BOGOF but that deal is over

ASDA had the big bottles as BOGOF but that deal is over

It wasn't the big bottles that I got on BOGOF, I bought the 4 pack ones.
I don't shop at ASDA, so it wasn't them.

It was either Sainsbury, Tesco or Morrisons. It probably has finished now.

There was a rep of GSK on here the other day, maybe he/she may know.
Sainsbury's still had them at half price last night!
You wired wired man.
maybe you need thread help me with my lucozade addiction
Just been in Londis tonight and they got 1 litre bottles bogof.
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