Anyone know where i can buy space raiders crips/snacks online?

    I'm looking for a few boxes of 48, and also some nik naks - nice and spicy flavour

    I don't want to look like a mega fat person going into my local shop and buying these, so does anyone know where i can buy them online or know any major highstreet shop that sells them in box form.

    For anyone who doesnt know that space raiders are…ers



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    I love space raiders, dont know about getting them online though and the only place i've seen the boxes of them are in costco, sorry cant be more helpful

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    cheers for the link, might have goto costco and buy them there (i know someone who has a card)

    postage is quite high on that website

    Wont look greedy going to makro/costco - they only sell in bulk, and whats to say you are not buying for a school disco or something? Dont worry about what other people think you will probably never see them again anyway!

    do u not have a bookers cash and carry by u?? - next time i g o could pick sum up and sent to u:??
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