Anyone know where I can find a full list of all plants in excel?

    Strange request I know.. Im trying to find a full complete list of all the plants that grow in the UK or even in the world in a list format on excel?

    Any ideas??


    Start with finding a list of the plants & then copy'n'paste them into your desired application.

    PS. […tor ]

    "Our comprehensive database of plants provides immediate access to descriptions, cultivation information as well as advice and photographs of plants. If you are looking for plants to stock a new border, need plants for an awkward area or position in the garden or just need information on a specific plant, RHS Plant Selector is your first port of call."

    "If you are an RHS member you can access a further 2,500 plants by logging on via the Membership Area. Logging on to RHS Plant Selector will also allow you to create plant lists, save your searches and undertake secondary searches to fine-tune your results."



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    Hi fp, I had already looked there and its not really what im after.. as they have 70,000 plants which is ideal but only 10 plants per page. Really I need a full list i could cut and paste to excel or if there is a file/ database anywhere that I could download?

    Any help appriciated
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