anyone know where i can find a lilac gingham school dress.

    as above really difficult colour to find i need it in size 4-5 years.


    M&S did them last summer-i think i bought 2 for my little one but she is still way too small-give me 10 minutes and i'll check in her wardrobe-they are still tagged and never worn-would you be interested in them-just say if not-if you are i'll go and check the sizes etc.

    sorry-forget that-must have had a 'senior moment' ! they are aged 9 !!!

    we got 2 from Matalan at the start of the school year - dont know if they are still in stock though



    none on flea bay im afraid

    John Lewis have them but not in size you want,might be worth checking instore if one nearby.

    what about local school shops?

    just googled it and there is a site called school uniform 247
    try there?

    M & S and Asda sold them for the past few years generally around april / may time though.

    they had them in our M&S this morning-£9, hope this helps.
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