Anyone know where I can get a cheap buggy/pushchair from?

Found 27th Apr 2009
I'm going to be looking after a friends little girl one day a week and am thinking of getting a cheap buggy instead of using hers as its a bit big for my car. Looking for as cheap as poss really as its only going to be used once a week. Anybody know of any cheap deals?
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Basic buggy 16 59 at argos

Depends on the age of the child and if you want swivel wheels, argos range start from £16.59 upwards

Note that this buggy has static wheels (and the one in the post above)

cheapest swivel wheel one on argos is £24.49 - half price atm:

Minnie Mouse Pushchair.376/2077


Basic buggy 16 59 at argos

Hi beverly, you could try asking on Netmums - in the nearly new section you can put in a 'wanted' post and see if anyone in your local area has one going for cheap or free! that you can come & pick up
Shes 15 months, thinking about id I'd rather get one with swivel wheels. Thats a good point I hadn't thought about that and maybe one that reclines a little bit.
littlewoods direct £12 50
car boot ?

littlewoods direct £12 50

I cant find anything, the cheapest is £45

I cant find anything, the cheapest is £45

Dont use the littlewoods voucher from here - alot have been having trouble with it, using it then later finding out they have been charged full price

http://www0.uk.shopping.com/xPP-buggies_and_strollers--44069-price_range_0_110~S-6~OR-0#sttthese ones littlewoods direct

They are dolls prams at that price, thanks for taking the time to look tho I really appreciate it.
sorry my mistake
mothercare have basic ones with swivel wheels and i think they recline too for about £30-£35
Where abouts are you? Someone might have a spare they can lend you?
Worth trying your local freecycle group as well. I just offered a nearly new one on there.


The Op wants swivel wheels

The Op wants swivel wheels

It has lockable front swivel wheels??????

It has lockable front swivel wheels??????

my mistake :oops:

New deal posted today:

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