Anyone know where I can get a decent bag/case for carrying around my wii and wii fit? Thanks

    I move my wii and wii fit from my house to my boyfriends place quite a lot so Im looking for a case/bag to carry them around in. I know I could put the wii and games in a normal backpack but Id like something that holds it a bit tighter and secure. I dont think they do something that carries them both. Is there anywhere online that sells them? Ive looked on ebay but just wondered if anybody knew of any other places?


    why do you need a bag, our WII is used a very nice ornament now, sometimes we switch it on to give a very nice blue glow next to the tv.

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    Game sell a wii bag … Game sell a wii bag*&s=wii+bag&sort=itemOrderascAmazon have a wii fit bag

    Yeah I've just looked at those, thanks.
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    Yeah I've just looked at those, thanks.Rep given


    If you boyfriend or you is more interested in Nintendo if you subsribe for three issues of Official Nintendo Magazine you could get Guinness World Records game and the official wii carry case.
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