Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Mac on 0% Finance

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Found 10th Jan 2011
Hi, hope someone can help.

I'm looking to buy a Mac for home as I want to change careers. I would need a Mac to help do this. Before the neasayers start having a go about how I'm living proof of why the country is in economic strife, please do something more productive with your time. I know I could wait, but there are a host of reasons why I don't want to.

Ordinarily, I would be able to purchase one, but am having to fork out inordinate amounts of money for my father's funeral. I am due to benefit from his estate which will pay for this, but his death has put my job et al in perspective. I'd like to make a real start at something else, which I'm going to enjoy much more than my current job.

Apologies for the background, but any help gratefully received.

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Steal one!! no sorry don't know ;)Didn't read that last bit, sorry about your Dad.
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You are living proof of why this country is in economic strife.

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You are living proof of why this country is in economic strife.


If you get a argos card you can get a mac with 6 months buy now pay later. But make sure you pay it off after the 6 months as they charge a stupid rate after that.

buy one on your credit card if you have one, then apply for a balance transfer, I think there is a card offering 17 months interest free on balance transfers, keep it only for that one transfer and do not spend on it, you will get charged 3% , set up a month direct debit and forget it, when the 17 months are up cut the card up,

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Cheers all.

I asked in the apple shop at chritsmas you can do it over 3 years it puts about 200 on the price.Hope that helps.

i agree with the credit card idea above.... purchase it on a credit card that gives you some kind of reward too... tesco etc. and you'll get money back/vouchers back.
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