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Anyone know where I can get hold of "Hot Money" from 2001, it has caroline quentin in it.

Posted 2nd Feb 2013
Ive tried eBay, Amazon, various torrent and nzb sites with no luck. Only one I could find was YouTube but the quality is really bad. If anyone can help it would be much apprecited! Thanks in advance.
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Sorry - I failed too. Used to be on ITV Player but not any more. Otherwise only on YouTube by the look of it.

You're not alone in loving it and wanting to watch again!


Programme details: imdb.com/tit…48/
I googled and found this. Heaven only knows the quality and do check with them if its PAL and UK region - not US NTSC. Could be awful quality too. ioffer.com/i/h…946
It looks like if you sign up to this site it could let you watch it at a price I think, Im not sure.. I also cant find it anywhere on DVD ... I hope this helps, if not im sorry.......
Can't believe this was as far back as 2001. There was a link on a google forum posted 3 yrs but this takes you into the ITV player and as you already know isn't there. It does mention the poor quality you tube one in 11!!!parts. I'll keep looking and update if i find anything.
Thanks everyone for your help in the search for this brilliant tv show. I have a suspicion the one sold on ioffer will be the same quality as the one on YouTube. Again, thanks everyon and if I do suceeded I will post details here to share with you all

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