Anyone know where I can get sake for under £5

    Don't mind paying £5 if I have to though I thought I'd see if there were other places that might sell sake for less than this.

    I'm aware ASDA sell Doragon Sake (500ml) for £5 (£1/100ml) and that Sainsbury's also sell Doragon Sake (700ml) for £6.12 (87.4p/100ml).



    don't you have a local chinese warehouse?
    we have one here in Glasgow but i sitll think Sake's more expensive

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    Thanks bikerjodie I'll see if I can hunt one down.

    A colleague of mine just informed me as well that Kokoro in Kingston on Thames might sell some but can't be sure it'll be cheaper than £5. Kokoro is a Japanese take a way/restuarant that has a small delicatessen inside apparently.

    Lidl are stocking this stuff from Thursday. It's outside your budget though.

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    Thanks termite, just notice on their website they have a Taste Of Asia deal on at the moment and noticed the sake on there as well. They're 700ml bottles at £ 5.99 (85.6p/100ml) so slightly cheaper than Sainsbury's.

    I believe the offer starts Thursday though if I'm in Kingston in the next couple of days I'll pop in and see if there's any in store.
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