Anyone know where I can get some 12mm oak wood for a decent price?

Posted 12th Dec 2022 (Posted 59 m ago)
I'm looking to replace the MDF front baffle for the speakers I made, I've got new drivers and they don't fit the hole that the old drivers needed.
I would prefer to use oak as it looks so much better than MDF, and Veneer is hard to get right (also not that cheap).

I've done a lot of searching on E-bay but not able to find the right size unless I pay silly money.
Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get some oak wood for a reasonable price? Looking for at least 500mm long, 140mm wide and 12mm thick.
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    What sort of prices have you seen? And what price do you think would be reasonable? (edited)
    £42 for one piece is what I have seen but that would make £80 just for one small part of the speakers.
    It's not worth spending that much money on, just to look a bit nicer. I would pay £40 though for both pieces.
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