Anyone know where I can get the best rates for calling abroad?

    I'll need to call Pakistan pretty much everyday for a good few months, was just wondering if anyone knew the best company to use for this.

    I'm very open to PC based setups like VoIPcheap and Skype (VoIP charge 7.2p/min, not sure about Skype though).

    Anyways all advice is appreciated rep for all help.



    lycatalk is very good in my opinion for ringing abroad, and if you ask for any deals they have, they normally offer free calling time credit too..

    £0.07p to landlines and mobiles in pakistan....


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    Also, anyone got any comments regarding this? - ]http//ww…jsp

    The reason I'm not too keen with these guys is cause I won't actually know how much I've been charged until I get my phone bill, anyways what does everyone else make of it?


    check out - there is an international call checker. Various companies have 0844 numbers that you can use with calls at about 5p per minute. Item gets billed on your phone bill


    try [url][/url]
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