anyone know where i can get the outlet tubing for an air conditioner please?

    i guess it is a universal size but does anyone know where i can get one please?


    Just use some garden hose and a jubilee clip?

    Try a shop that sells tumble dryers. Pretty sure its the same size.

    sorry thought you were on about the condensate drain on a split A/C, i take it your on about a mobile one? the tumble drier one should work ok.


    trying to find local electric shops is hard now its all currys etc

    Well they probably sell it. Anyway....…558

    Really you want stiffer stuff though.

    3m @100mm diameter £3.49 instore at ]Screwfix


    is that per metre and do they cut it?

    No it's £3.49 for a 3m length and they don't cut it, you do that yourself with a hacksaw, it's only PVC, 1m is £1.19 ]here
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