Anyone know where I can get Vista drivers for a mini traveler 5300 wireless mouse ?

    Just got a wireless mouse from Argos.
    No drivers with it (of course) the booklet that come with it says its a mini traveler 5300. Googling dosen't bring anything up and Vista can't find a driver for it (even through Argos say it doesn't need one !).

    Anyone have any idea before I take it back ?



    go to there internet site

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    Sorry? whose site ? there's nothing on the Argos site (I didn't expect there to be) there's no manufactures named on the device just the name...

    give us a link to the product and i'll find u them

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Magenta"]which one was it you bought?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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    give us a link to the product and i'll find u them

    There you go...…JUN

    take it back it's broken

    tbh, i'd be tempted to take it back and get one of these instead:…125

    i'll have a look for the drivers tho.

    cant find drivers, so assuming it has a fault

    reading thru the comments, i wouldn't have bought it personally.

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    and while u are thinking about it... try … and while u are thinking about it... try these

    Yeah, can't say I'm impressed so far. It says it doesn't need drivers (which might why I can't find them !!). The link above doesn't fit, but thanks. Don't worry too much, I think I'll take the damn thing back you should just plug a mouse in and go....…USE
    I bought this one although a lot more expensive,nut I just connected it and away to go x x x x xx
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