anyone know where i can rent a room full of ps3's or 360's in the Newport Area??

    on 16 october me and a few friends are taking part in a gameathon for 24 hours for childrens hospital of wales on behalf of sarcastic gamer called ExtraLife.
    In Barry Island arcades (Gavin and Stacey fame) in the downstairs part there used to be PS3's and 360's all hooked up to the net but they have now gone due to lack of demand.
    anyone know anywhere where they would rent out a room?
    Bit of a long shot this i guess


    how many you looking at renting ?

    Any local computer game stores that could let you have some for the day (good publicity for them as well)?


    Any local computer game stores that could let you have some for the day … Any local computer game stores that could let you have some for the day (good publicity for them as well)?

    good idea that. OP i'd suggest getting in touch with a video game indie as i'm sure they would welcome the publicity. I know I would! And its for charity - everyone is a winner, right?

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    just 3 mates so far plus indie game stares are not really around newport its just game, gamestation and hmv in the area great idea though

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    how many you looking at renting ?

    3 so far but i got 14 interested here-…php!/pages/Newport-News-VA/Will-anyone-sponsor-me-and-dave-for-playing-games-for-24-hours/106125382776709?ref=sgm&__a=4&ajaxpipe=1

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    Any local computer game stores that could let you have some for the day … Any local computer game stores that could let you have some for the day (good publicity for them as well)?

    thanks xcookx have some rep thats an ace idea

    What are you dont about tvs? You could try contactin any tv stores in the are to get some nice big screens.!

    theres a game place in cardiff on the end of richmond rd crossroads of albany rd and city rd not sure what its called though - its above varsity - they might be able to give you the name of the place
    think they advertise networked gaming

    FYI: Similar discussion:

    "What would you need to host a gaming competition at a community hall?"

    My response at comment #32:

    To see if there is a market for it, why not approach your local Ten Pin Bowling arcade that also has arcade video game machines & ask how much it would cost to hire the venue (& staff, etc.) for an afternoon or evening in order to hold a gaming event?

    You may be able to just hire the arcade machines area (although if they have fruit machines & a dedicated "over 18 years old" section of this area then you may need to organise a barrier to stop those under that age using the machines). You could always ask the venue’s management to power-down the fruit machines, though.

    If you hired the smaller area, or the entire venue, you would then not have to worry about insurance, security, cleaning up afterwards, toilet facilities, and so on. It is not impossible, but certainly a lot more difficult to steal (or break) a full-size arcade machine; but if it does get trashed (or stolen) then it is not your problem to resolve (unless it hampers your gaming events on the day).

    Food & drinks facilities may also be on-site so you would not lose your audience if they feel the need for refreshments & never return to the venue (as may be the case with a community hall or similar).

    £5 entry would probably be pitching the cost at a reasonable level, but you would probably need many hundreds of participants in order to meet the costs of hiring the venue; and this would not leave any funds for prize money. Perhaps just hiring the arcade machines section is the way to go so that the primary business of the Bowling Arcade can still operate concurrently. This will keep the costs down, but may impact the number of participants that can attend.

    You could ask your local GAME Group or HMV store(s) (or independent video game retailers) to sponsor the event (after consultation with the Bowling Arcade management) by displaying banners advertising their stores & ask them to contribute prizes for the event winners; GAME(station) or HMV vouchers, for instance.

    If you get a good response from the local community then you can canvas opinion on a dedicated home console tournament on the day, asking for suggestions on venue, suggestions on entry costs, type of game(s) favoured, and so on.

    You need not ask the Bowling Arcade in advance of course, depending on the number of players you anticipate attending, & just treat the 'event' as a typical public attendance in a public place, but if you expect 10 people to turn up & you get 100 then the management of the venue are likely to ask you to leave.

    Do not take money on the premises, but ask for entry free to the competition (note: not the venue) in advance so that you do not put yourself at risk for theft (or gaming laws!). Getting thrown out of the venue will also mean that the players are likely to want refunding. Asking the venue management's permission, or hiring the venue, is the better way to go, I think.

    Good luck!



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    do u know the name of this shop matey ?

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    wow thats a lot of info there thanks will look into this
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