Anyone know where I will get one of these?? (hard drive for TV)

Found 6th Oct 2010
And how much would I pay for one...

I need a hard drive for my TV....

Lg 42pt85 42, hd digital plasma tv w/160
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This is a internal hard drive.......My TV as one built in... and it is broken........ been qouted 250 pound to get it fixed..
If it's internal - you won't be able to buy one anywhere.

Do you know if the HDD bay is accessible?
Maybe you can access it & replace it.
I just got a quote off a tv repair man who said the part would be 180 pounds and about 70 pound labour..
I would still try & get access to the HDD myself before parting with £250.
But that's just my 2¢.
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