Anyone know where to find cheap Hawaiian party decorations? And/Or Hawaiian ideas for a party,

Found 25th May 2015
Hey everyone,

I'm having a Hawaiian themed BBQ on Saturday, and was wondering if anyone has seen anything Hawaiian in the shops, as I think I may have left it a little late to order online.

I live the other side of town from Home Bargains and B&M, Asda etc, so was wondering if anyone may have spotted anything in any of those shops or Poundland, Wilkos etc, as I know the Partyshop is likely to have stuff, but the last time I went in there, it was a major rip off.

I'm mainly looking for inflatable palm trees, table decorations etc.

Also if anyone has any ideas for the hawaiian party theme in general then i'd be grateful for some inspiration.
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These have to be an absolute necessity for a Hawaian themed party in the UK ...

Youtube will give you ideas. Pound shop orHome Bargains type shop for bright coloured crepe paper etc. Lots of straw-look fringing for skirts and round the tables (careful of fire risk) - long cuts into rolled up crepe paper, maybe. Should work for palm tree leaves, too, if you make a simple pattern first. Look at a picture of a palm tree first! Paper cut outs to stick on the walls, if you can't find ready made, think surfboards, flip flops, palm trees. Some elastic and a couple of pretend half coconuts (paper bowls?) for instant bras might be a bit of fun, for a dancing challenge - Strictly Coconut? Paper leis (those garlands you get) - easy to make with crumply tissue paper strung on thread. Have fun and make everyone use their imagination. And Hawaiian Tropic! Hope this helps.
Amazon used to do a load of beach and hawaiian party things...
Get some pineapples (Aldi or Lidl as they are usually cheap), cut the top, carve them out, use the flesh for a fruit salad/drinks, and fill the empty pineapple with fruit salad. Don't know if it is a Hawaiian thing but it will look exotic
Thank-you everyone, they're fab ideas, keep them coming. If anyone is heading out to the cheapy stores today or this week, please can you have a look out for me for hawaiian themed inflatables, as I'm slightly worried if I order them from Amazon/Ebay they won't arrive in time.
I found a couple of bits this morning in a 'Tiger' store, and a big inflatable banana in Poundland, but if anyone else spots anything, please can you let me know.
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