Anyone know where to get a good British film called If only?

    Its a good British film about this struggling actor who is dating a beautiful woman but as his career goes downwards he drinks more and more.

    His girlfriend leaves him and his mistress leaves him(and becomes a bond girl lol) His career nosedives and one night he lies in a skip and the binmen come to take it away, and it turns out they are not normal binmen.

    They offer him the chance to start over, go back a few months to just before his career was at its worst and when he was still with his girlfriend.

    He reluctantly agrees thinking its a joke.

    He wakes up and its come true, and he resolves to do it better this time.

    He goes to a bar and meets a gorgeous waitress(played by Penelope Cruz) who is attracted to him.

    But he finds it hard to alter fate as he tries to stop his girlfriend leaving by stopping drinking and smoking and finding excuses to stop her going to the gym where she meets her boyfriend in the original timeline



    not but thanks, you saved me a couple of quid as i dont need to watch it now £3.99. ]Link ;-)

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    Cheers couldnt find it anywhere lol


    Cheers couldnt find it anywhere lol

    Has this got anything to do with dandocs christmas film post?

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    What christmas film post?

    The old James Stewart film "It's a wonderfull life". Similar storyline.

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    Heard of it, never seen it meh most things are ripped from elsewhere now.

    I just like Briitsh films, cant remember many though, theres a good one with Diana Rigg where her ex finds out hes got 1 day to live so kills everyone he hates(its a comedy) and another about a granny who sells pot, and This Years Love is good just finding them lol

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    The film with Diana Rigg is Parting Shots.


    another about a granny who sells pot

    Saving Grace.
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