Posted 21st Sep 2022
I've a £9.99 analogue watch from Argos needing a battery

local place looking £14.95 I'm thinking Amazon etc will have cheaper just wanna make sure getting correct one
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    Open up the back to see what size battery you need then buy a replacement.
    I like it! Innovative thinking
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    You've gotta take the back off to replace the battery so when you do, have a look on the battery itself and it will tell you what the model number is you need to buy
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    £4 ish batteries fitted at local market stall.
    I do my own and look online or pop back to see what it is and order branded battery off ebay.
    Some well know battery brands on there for around £1.50 delivered (edited)
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    For a watch that cheap I'd just buy a multipack of whatever battery it needs (should work out no more than £1 per battery) and swap it myself. Getting the back off in the first place is the only bit which might be awkward, there are various ways of removing them depending on the specific watch, some of which require a specific tool.

    If your Casio is the same as my G-Shock though it's one of the easy ones, you just need a precision screwdriver. (edited)
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    You used to be able to buy cards of assorted watch and calculator batteries from Poundland for a £1, probably more than this nowadays but I have lost count of the number of digital watches I have got going again after the battery died with these.
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    Try eBay however it might be worth getting a new one if it's only £10. My f-91w broke yesterday, and I've just replaced it
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    Anyone looking to buy local try your local Home Bargain.
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    Once you have the battery number try Toolstation.
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    if the watch is still in circulation, then buy the watch, not the battery ..

    although I expect the fact you’re asking, the watch is no longer manufactured
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    Time to bin the 1970s wrist watch and get an Apple watch like a real man.
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    If there's a simmonds locally, they do itt for under £4 and use a good make of battery
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    i recently replaced a battery on my gshock. googled how to open it and found the instructions on youtube, dead easy, googled the battery model and bought a pack of 4 batteries for about £2 delivered from amazon. the model wasn't one of the ones from poundland, it had a higher voltage. as long as you have the tiny screwdrivers you will be fine