Anyone know where to get Warsteiner? - Resolved with muchos thanks to Lulu'sMammy

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Found 28th Apr 2008
Hi everyone

Its my other half's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and I really want to try and find some warsteiner beer for him as its his favourite and so far he's only been able to have it in one or two expensive clubs as hardly anywhere stocks it.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any supermarkets which sell it?

I read that Netto used to but dont know if they still do and our local netto doesnt open until the 8th of May.

Could anyone tell me of a supermarket that definately sells it as I just dont have the time to go shop hopping.

It is available on-line as a last resort, but I'd rather be a cheapskate and save a bit of money

Have to have it by 18th of May guys

Thankoo very muchly!!

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a little expensive but ]here

a little bit cheaper ]here

Original Poster

Thanks guys.

I've come across those already I think, was just wondering really if any supermarkets had the stuff (saves on postage)

Looks like I may just have to go for one of the on-line company's.

Thanks for helpin out :thumbsup:

Asda used to sell this a few years ago, not sure if they still do ?

Try Aldi as well, they have some of these beers in all of the time

Original Poster

Thanks Chris. Didnt see any last time at Asda, but I'll keep my eyes open at the next shopping outing.

£1.29 a large bottle in home bargains, got loads on monday.

Original Poster

Thanks Lulu'sMammy!!!!!!!! I just called my local Home Bargains to find out and they said they usually sell it but its out of stock at the minute but as they get a delivery in all through the week I should be able to get hold of some before the 19th

The fella will be pleased lol

Aw glad to help!
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