anyone know wherei can find a voucher for nandos or wagamama

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Found 22nd Aug 2009
like the title says

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thanks but i`m looking for one in newcastle upon tyne. shoud of metioned that first

go to nando's and speak to the manager he will give u discount if u ask!

Nandos dont generally do vouchers etc, wagamama's occassionally do vouchers via their website, I think if you sign up they give a special offer. Check it out

Wagamama has simply stopped offering any kind of voucher it seems. It's almost like they don't want repeat visits. And before you ask, I have signed up to the 'members' area and, we are known well to the managers there. Even they "can't" offer deals. So, I've contacted Wag's with my displeasure and hope to have more info soon.
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