Anyone know which courier the Creative UK store uses?

Posted 6th Jun 2020
As per the title. All i can see on their site is that the stuff is shipped from Netherlands, so obviously it's one that works across Europe.…ing

Anyone ordered anything recently and know who they use?

I'm hoping they're not using UPS as they've been an absolute nightmare recently, really don't want to go through another 3/4 days of "On the way..oh wait no, it's not on the way and never was. Maybe tomorrow".

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Last thing I had from the Netherlands was by GLS, but they handed over to Parcel Force at some point.

Looks like for the UK it's either Royal Mail or DHL (I reckon this is DHL Parcel though and not DHL Express)

Edit: In fact it's definitely DHL Parcel from the CS number provided.
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