Anyone know which HDD is the better deal?

Found 22nd Aug 2008
I'm planning on buying a new internal hard drive for my desktop computer and needed some advice from any tech wizards round here. I found 2 pretty good cheap ones, but not really sure which to go with:…735…252

The samsung has 500gb and is only a tad more, although I know western digital are a really good make, though it is only 320gb.

I could probably fill 500gb if i tried but its not necessary and could easily live with 320gb, but if its worth paying the little extra for more space then i'll do it if the samsung drive is more reliable. Do you think the extra space would slow the computer down alittle? I'm leaning towards the WD drive, but the samsung keeps whispering to tell me it has 180gb more space, hmmmmmmmm

edit - also does anyone know if there are any ebuyer codes, i've had no luck so far and can't even seem a quidco with it


It really depends on what you want to use the drive for. Is this storage, or will this be the new C drive?

No ebuyer codes AFAIK. Samsung are probably better than WD, they are well known for high-speed, reliable and most importantly quiet drives. Both are similar spec & both have 3 year warranty. 500GB wont make your computer any slower - a fragmented hard disc will slow things down but then that is more likely with the smaller drive..

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well its going to be my new c drive. I would have thought WD were the better make, to be honest I didn't even know samsung make HDD.

They've been making them for quite a while, well known for there quietness... I personally prefer Seagate and Samsung drives over all the other makes but recent WD are good enough from what I gather.…p=2

comparison between the WD and the 501 model samsung

I have a 500GB WD drive, it is very very quiet and fast enough for me

I would never assume any drive is 'reliable' - it's not much consolation if one drive has a lower chance of failing if you buy that drive and have it fail on you despite the smaller chance of it occurring. Always make sure you have backups of important data.


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Sorry about asking the question again, but before it wasn't really about the comparision. Anyway i've looked into it and decided to go for the Samsung as it has alot of good reviews and is a good price. I did find it cheaper though on amazon…8-2

because you get free delivery whereas there is an addition £4 something for the ebuyer one, plus I still have my £2.50 code from the match hunt, woohoo
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