anyone know why double e-mails?

    i have started getting duplicated e-mails on outlook, was ok yesterday i have not changed any settings, what is happening?



    new glasses?

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    Stay off the drink

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    is that it.....
    i expected some clever chap or chapess be in like a shot. i will gladly give whatever rep i can , its driving me mad:x:x:x

    email your ISP if you have any support issues, i did last week and they sorted the issue straight away

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    thankyou, you may be onto something there, my isp has just increased signal strength as i was having connection probs. i wouldnt,t have expected that to duplicate all the e-mails, but you can never tell with these pesky computer thingys. rep added:thumbsup:

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    sent the e-mail to isp, then checked inbox and its gone back to normal,????:thinking:
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