Anyone know why is it, when i open a new folder it appears on the left instead of the right ?

    i might have changed something. im pretty sure whenever you open anything it always opens up and shows on the bottom toolbar on the right hand side instead of the left. would be grateful for any help. thanks in advance


    Assuming you're talking about windows here then left is the standard setting, I don't know how to get the taskbar entries to start at the right but perhaps it's something to do with language settings as some languages read that way?

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    yes windows toolbar, where you can see all the programs, folders, ie pages youve got open at bottom. but whenever i open a internet explorer page it appears on the right side, where as folders on the left, which im sure is wrong, as every new thing would appear to right hand side in order. so the program nearest to "start" would be the first thing opened, then the one nearest to clock on left side would be the last thing opened. thanks

    Have a look here: ]http//ww…tml


    Yes they should open in order, with first one opened on left nearest start, & latest one on right nearest clock ie left to right. So yours are opening in reverse from right to left ? - that would annoy me as well as you get used to going to the right to click on the application you've just opened. I'll have a quick google & see if I can find anything.

    Are you using XP or Vista ?

    EDIT : had a look & can't find anything, sorry:-(

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    i dont know what happened, but now i switched pc on, its working properly. everything should always open on the right side, as it makes sense thanks guys
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