Anyone knows how to UNLOCK Sky Broadband Router DG834G v3

Posted 28th Jul 2008
Hi guys, I have sky router DG834G v3 and would like to unlock it from sky so that I can use it with my O2 broadband connection.

Does anyone know how to.

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Its usually just a case of going into the settings page on your router and you will find an option to upgrade the firmware, which is available ]here you will want the top one dated 24th March. Hope this helps.
there is also a factory reset button on the router
back to "admin" and "password" for access
I've recently updated the firmware on my old Sky router. Not sure what version it was though. I'll try and find the link I worked from that'll give you the instructions and software you will need. Might not be until later today though.

Just had a quick look now. The link I have is now dead as is the site itself. Luckily, I have the utility and instructions on my laptop if you want to PM me an e-mail address. You'll just have to then go to ]Netgear site and download latest firmware.
thanks for the quick post guys, but i think u guys have got it wrong. the update from sky will only update the firmware upgrade but not allow me to change the default username and password from sky to another ISP like O2.

umanga, i will pm u my email id.

thanks once again.
e-mail sent.
I don't know why you didn't get the e-mail as I copied and pasted your addy from pm. I've not had anything to say it has failed etc.

Use links from the PM I sent.
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