Anyone know....the Music in BBC 3 Ideal Trailer

Found 19th Aug 2010
Unsual question, but I have no idea how else I'm going to find out...

Can anyone tell me what the music is in the latest BBC 3 Trailer for Ideal? I'm not talking about the boys are back in town one, the latest one.

Thank you!


Have you got a link to it somewhere? Haven't got a working TV at the mo sorry

I too am trying to find out what it is, no luck yet

I've posted a thread about it on the Ideal forum tho...…219

According to Shazam:

Artist: Trash
Track: The Whip
Album: X Marks Destination
Label: Southern Fried Records

No thats not it, its in the very latest trailers...really mellow like.

its called CRYSTALISED XX an the xx is part the track name... its a good track...

crystalised xx ........... hope this hlps

Ahhh thankyou so much man !

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Thank you all!
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