Anyone like dance / trance music and live in north west?

    Going to watch DJ tiesto in o2 Arena, london on friday and one of my mates has dropped out. Literally desperate to find someone to take his place but had no luck so far.
    Booked everything from the coach to hotel and bought ticket.

    Does anyone fancy coming, this feels so random, honest i dont bite i just dont want to lose the money on the ticket.

    Going friday morning and coming back on saturday afternoon. You have to be 18 or over as well.

    This is probably a very long shot but i have to do it or i will lose money

    Any takers?


    Only 1 ticket? And how much do u want for it? I may be able to help but I can't guarantee anything, so pm me with the full details.


    luv dance and trance but it would cost an arm and a leg to get to london, shame :roll: have fun though

    I'll take it for £20
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