Anyone live in Crewe? I need some help

    I'm having a nightmare trying to claim some cashback on a mobile phone contract. I sent the claim in at the end of the claim period but they had a different address on file.

    So they gave me another 15 days to submit something with my new address on, only problem is the letter they sent telling me this arrived today.

    This letter arrived too late for me to send this info into them!

    So I lose £83 sad.gif The only way I can get the £83 is if the documents they need arrive today.

    Problem is I don't live in crewe, [email protected] have to get an expensive train up there and it's too late now. Does anyone have a printer, who I could email the docs to and they could print them out and take them into the address?

    the address is

    datum house
    electra way
    Crewe Business park

    It has to be there by 6pm


    Can't you fax them?

    Original Poster

    They won't accept them

    What's the date stamp on the letter/envelope you received today? 1st or 2nd class postage paid?

    They may have sent the letter out knowing you would not have time to reply in time.

    If I were you ...............

    Fax them the docs today (include a note that their letter was received today) AND

    Post the docs tonight via Special Delivery so they arrive tomorrow (include the same note as above)

    At least you will be able to show that you made every effort to respond as soon as you were able IF you need to take matters further
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