Anyone living in London re Underground

    we are a family of 5 visiting london on the mon and tuesday, which would be the cheapest way to travel on the underground an oyster card or a travel card ?


    If you get Oyster cards with prepay, they will automatically convert your single fairs into travel cards

    I don't live in London but am not long back from a 3 day visit. I was told an oyster card wouldn't be worth my while for such a short stay so I just bought zone 1 and 2 day tickets costing £6.60.

    If I were you I would still get oyster cards. There is a £5 deposit on each one, but if you hand them back you get the £5 back. This way you are certain to get the cheapest fares available.

    Oyster definitely cheaper

    Buy Oysters for £5 deposit and and return them before you leave.

    Oyster will convert to travelcard if that option is cheaper for the amount of travelling you've done.

    100% cheaper

    Do you get any unused credit refunded too? Can you top up by any amount or does it have to be in multiples?

    I definately travelled enough each day that it would have been a travelcard fare any way so cant see how i'd have saved but may give it a try next time.

    I think children 11 to 16 need photo ID with Oyster Cards, if you have any traveling with you it may just be easier to get them one day Off peak Travelcards.
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