Anyone make hampers

Found 17th Sep 2010
Want to make some hampers for christmas and birthday presents
Anyone know a good place to buy baskets? had a look around found some nice ones but shipping was just under £10
Any tips on nice things to put in them?
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I bought a job lot of shallow wicker baskets on ebay ages ago and still have about 2 left in the kitchen. I also bought a job lot of the clear plastic that florists use (and they use in shops for gifts etc) is it called velum? I bought some with silver handwriting on, and some with white spots- looked like a snow effect, and then I buy the bows off ebay, but I make sure they are big bows, I once bought a tiny one without reading the size.. lol

I'll be nosing at chalkysoil's link as I want to get some new ones, everyone will be getting hampers this year, hopefully will save me some money!!
Wilkinsons, home bargains etc sell them cheaply

Wilkinsons, home bargains etc sell them cheaply

and they are really nice too!

You will save a lot by doing it yourself as sometimes these hampers have got stuff in them you would just give away!
I made a hamper last year using a wooden fruit crate from the greengrocers, the kind the apples and bananas come in - they were free. I covered it in some festive paper, laid some shredded tissue paper inside, tied a big bow around it using the wired festive ribbon and it looked lovely. There was plenty of space for a christmas cake and lots of other goodies. It was loved by the recipients and I'm doing it again this year.
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Thanks for the idea s everyone sounds a great idea using the fruit cakes bobbins will have to hunt some down
Yeah bb though if i did them myself i could really personalise them so they really suit the person
got a great one in Home Bargains last year about £2.00 and then shredded tissue paper to 'prop up' my stuff then used the clear plastic from some flowers i had delivered to cover it
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