anyone no a good site to compare our £ to the $

    i buy a few bits and bobs from china and i no that some days my £'s worth a lot more to the $ then others

    i mean with in a day of ordering my order can go up by £5 fro example just due to the currency rate changing

    is there a site to view the changes, for example over the week etc

    is there a set type of the week where i may get more value for my £ against the $

    cheers for any help


    poop aint it. ordering stuff from dealextreme doesn't seem as cheap anymore :x

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    yea i cant belive for example 3 pairs of trainers £60 delivered one day is now £65 the next, ok for what i got the price is superb but just a while ago it would of been closer to £50

    I've just been keeping an eye on the BBC website (business pages) over the past few days. I'm off to the States in March & am trying to get the best rate.

    Yesterday it was 1.37 dollars to the pound in Marks & Spencers & today 1.35. So it went up at the start of the week & is heading back down.

    There's no way of knowing unfortunately. Although, if there's some bad news/press about our banks, it will likely drop again.

    Sorry, wish I could have been more helpful :oops:



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    cheers m8 that little bit of info answered atleast the fact that the start of the week maybe best time to buy/pay for the items lol + i no i can look on the bbc for the info i need as well so you answered near on all i needed, so have some rep cheers m8

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    repped as well cheers




    Know* I don't no.


    repped as well cheers

    Cheers :thumbsup:

    It's a great site for all things exchange rate related, having the option to export data to excel is a bonus.…tml
    Can check everything against eachother. It gets updated every night with the days ending rates.

    ]BBC market data - that is the rate your banks exchange currency at.

    You could try...

    I always use that to convert amounts that wouls otherwise make my brain hurt. :?

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