anyone no where i can get original vauxhall car mats from cheap?

    as above im after a set of original mats i belive they grey they for 08 astra sri,
    im also after a good back seat cover for when i have the dog in the car and a battery cover. can someone please advice me when i could get these bits from cheap as poss thanks


    got me an original set of honda civic mats for 1/2 dealer price on ebay m8, got loads of none originals on there but if you know what your looking for you'll be fine pal

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    thanks ive looked on there but want the original ones

    Hi to be honest ive always had originals on my cars floor but always covered them up with heavy duty rubber car mats, they are fantastic. You can get them for about £5-£7 from wilkinsons, i swear by them especially in this weather, theres no need for the originals i never saw mine lol. They were always covered, these mats are great because all mud and water get caught in the grooves and are so easy to clean, you can also get them from QD for about same price. You grease them up slightly in the summer and they shine. When i had my dog in the back we used heavy duty seat covers from halfords, you need good ones especially if you have leather seats

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    i saw some in halfords heavy duty but people say they come off easy and you need to pin them down i agree i had them before but i did like the looks of the originals
    im also after a camera detector device for speed cameras but cant find one which runs on battery is there any?
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