Anyone NOT collecting Kit Kash Points?? Read This.


    If you aren't collecting Kit Kash points, and are prepared to let me have them, then please PM me the code on the wrapper. Please don't post it here though, as there is a limit to how they can be used. I'm trying to take my little sister abroad you see. :wink:


    - acecatcher3


    These are the promotional codes that are open to everyone!

    New Registration Bonus Code - 1000 (7YTK49 77XXXV) Bonus Code - 100 (GDCDT9 GKT37R)
    Recruit a Friend Email Code - 200 (YDP3D9 CG6R7F)
    Sun Bonus Code - 100 (7F3WJ9 JT7PJV)
    Tesco Bonus Code - 100 (RW97H9 HPDDXV)
    Manchester United Bonus Code - 100 (7XKR79 9J3PV7)
    QED - 200 (T6MY69 9WWX6T)
    Asda march mag - 100 (DJYVP9 M9VMJV)

    Original Poster

    I have these!! 1900 isn't enough though.

    :lol: sorry! Hopefully they help someone else though!

    I have the bonus 1900 but don't know what to do with them yet :roll: Some people must be sick of KitKats :lol:

    Original Poster

    I have nearly 20,000 points. We found a load of KitKats reduced half-price at KwikSave. I keep getting outbid by people with just a few morethan me though!

    Original Poster

    I now have 27,400 Kit Ka$h points, but I'm still not happy. I keep missing auctions by about 200 points. I have all of the free codes, but if anyone has any multipacks, etc lying around then please can you PM me the codes??


    could someone please explain how the system works please!
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