Found 26th Nov 2007
that with new phones you dont get that noise from radios/tvz or the picture on the tv fuzzing when your getting a message or someone is phoning you:?

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i disagee if i got my phone near my laptop i get still pick up the "buzz sound" before a incoming call etc

I still get the buzz noise with my N95 - about 6 months old


Yeah you right come to think of it always used to know someone was getting a msg in the office as there was the buzzing sound & everyone diving into there bags/draws to see if it was them :giggle:

Are you sure it isn't just the network you're on? I've not heard in since I moved to Three, used to get it when I was on PAYG O2

Could well be some truth in that, o2 is on 900Mhz band and 3(g) on 1900-2100Mhz band which might explain the difference in interference patterns...

Incidentally this is one of the reasons signal strength is always traditionally higher on o2\voda as the signals get attenuated quicker at higher frequencies...

if it does that to your tv's and computer what will it be doing to your brains .......... lol x

edit, (only saying as a joke, not to start topic or get ripped for suggesting anything)

also how sad it is that i think i need to post that xx

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i noticed when i put my old phone on which i found in the cupboard, got a few texts and the screen was fizzing, werid eah.
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