Anyone offer any advice with aol and free laptop? -

    Hi my friend got a free laptop with AOL about 12 months ago. The laptop was a little dodgy for a few weeks, kept switching on and off but now won't switch on at all.
    She said she's going to buy a new one i said to try aol first. Am i right? Surely it should last longer than 12 months? If it was a shop bought one i'd exspect it to.
    I said to explain to them that you can't use the internet with no laptop. Has anyone else had any experience with anything like this? I'm i sure talking to aol will be hard

    Also i am after a new laptop, any suggestions? Around £400 if possible. Is it just a standard 12 month warranty with them?


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    The laptop my friend has is an Acer, she has 12 months left on contact.

    Have a look on matin lewis(MSE) or bbc news (not local news) website, type in european warranty / guarantee or something like that, apparently all goodssold in EU need a 2 year warranty. Nothing to lose = )

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    will have a look for her..thanks.
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