anyone on '3' mobile network?

    anyone else having no network coverage with '3'?
    is it just me?
    for the last 2 days i've had no signal at all, and was wondering whether it is my sim or just the network.
    anyone else having a problem?


    they dont use orange network anymore.

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    what do you mean? has this just happened?


    what do you mean? has this just happened?

    yeaah, thats why i roll with t-mobile

    They used to use orange as a back up network ( you may not have seen this but orange might have been your main signal). Since they stopped some areas are weaker like mine. Rang them up, they explained the network changes and as a result have cancelled my contract.

    Im with 3 my signal is fine
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    has this just happened then?

    has this just happened then?

    i think about a week ago

    was on phone twice two them about bad reception yesterday and each time i was speaking to someone the call dropped, happens a lot when i come over to mums or brothers place, at mine its fine, still dead annoying when i have to switch the whole thing off

    I haven't had any signal for the last couple of days and I thought my phone was broken!! But my mums one has been fine......weird.

    Same with me about 4 days ago, rang up and said they weren't fulling their half of the contract and cancelled it there and then, was only a rolling contract though but didn't have to give them 30 days notice

    Ring them up, mention trading standards, tell them that you want to talk to the technical team, that's what I did and they were very understanding
    Said that they weren't committing to their side of the contract, and that I need my phone for work (I don't think they realised that I'm not even 17 yet)
    Give it a go though, the three people I spoke to were very nice and understanding
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