anyone on hduk work for google - you lucky people

    is your workplace rest room made of argos flat pack and serve stale baguettes
    click the link to see googles restaurant and rest rooms!!!!


    Pretty swish.

    I wonder if much work gets done?

    I want to work there


    I want to work there

    me too!!

    i wonder how u get a job there!!

    Original Poster


    me too!!

    and me!!

    who does c vs

    Bet they pay well too..

    IWOOT in my house. Sooooooo cool.

    alright 4 some !!

    Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google1. Lend a helping hand. With millions of … Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google1. Lend a helping hand. With millions of visitors every month, Google has become an essential part of everyday life - like a good friend - connecting people with the information they need to live great lives.2. Life is beautiful. Being a part of something that matters and working on products in which you can believe is remarkably fulfilling. 3. Appreciation is the best motivation, so we've created a fun and inspiring workspace you'll be glad to be a part of, including on-site doctor and dentist; massage and yoga; professional development opportunities; on-site day care; shoreline running trails; and plenty of snacks to get you through the day.4. Work and play are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to code and pass the puck at the same time. 5. We love our employees, and we want them to know it. Google offers a variety of benefits, including a choice of medical programs, company-matched 401(k), stock options, maternity and paternity leave, and much more. 6. Innovation is our bloodline. Even the best technology can be improved. We see endless opportunity to create even more relevant, more useful, and faster products for our users. Google is the technology leader in organizing the world’s information. 7. Good company everywhere you look. Googlers range from former neurosurgeons, CEOs, and U.S. puzzle champions to alligator wrestlers and former-Marines. No matter what their backgrounds Googlers make for interesting cube mates. 8. Uniting the world, one user at a time. People in every country and every language use our products. As such we think, act, and work globally - just our little contribution to making the world a better place. 9. Boldly go where no one has gone before. There are hundreds of challenges yet to solve. Your creative ideas matter here and are worth exploring. You'll have the opportunity to develop innovative new products that millions of people will find useful. 10. There is such a thing as a free lunch after all. In fact we have them every day: healthy, yummy, and made with love.

    1. We connect people to those who pay us the most!!
    2. Because everyday we are saving millions of lives ?
    3. Hence you will never need to leave your workspace and put in more hours for the same pay! forget family life when you can have google life!
    4. Who needs friends nowadays? We live in a virtual world after all!
    5. With so much money, and no time to use it, we are sure you will reinvest it in google stock plans!
    6. Give us your idea's and we'll become richer!
    7. We have so much dough! we can buy anyone!
    8. We don't care about anti-trust! we own them too!
    9. And make us even more richer and powerful! We want to control the Internet, we want to control the world!
    10. We feed you, so you serve us! Why spend the $5 extra per day, instead we'll pay that for eternal gratitude! Cheap Bargain!

    Jokes aside, i'd love to Work for them anyday myself

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    i agree hashman - they are taking over the world but i love google --

    change earth to google - i live on the planet google and the only thing you can see from space is TESCO!!!!!!!!!!

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    sorry kidcat - didnt realise :oops:

    i love google. i thought it was an april fool. an office like that surely not no wonder that dude loves his job.

    Google have like 6/7 rounds of interviews, its more difficult to get into Google than the Investment Banks. And I doubt they pay well.

    Prob. around 30k in london which is **** really, you can get more with a grad. role in IB.

    And what does this video tell us? That working for google is not just a 9-5 but a whole lifestyle change, they basically own your life.
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