Anyone on here a Vet??

    I've Had to take my cat to the vets a couple of times over the last week and think the Vet was negligent in the treatment, leaving me with a bill of £450 as I'm not insured and my cat in quite a sorry state.. I was ideally looking for feedback from someone in the know so that I can decide whether or not to take it any further..

    Thanks in advance for any help


    dont think this will be much help but i know in medical situations wi humans the treatment has to be extremely poor to get anywhere, with pets this might be different with it being private, definataly worth a complaint though!!!!


    My family usually take their animal's to the PDSA or RSPCA for treatment then they know they are getting a good service.

    They do pay for it by a contribution or payment.


    My family usually take their animal's to the PDSA or RSPCA for treatment … My family usually take their animal's to the PDSA or RSPCA for treatment then they know they are getting a good service.They do pay for it by a contribution or payment.

    Yeh they good at doing things for reduced cost,and for people on benefits I think too.



    Yeh they good at doing things for reduced cost,and for people on benefits … Yeh they good at doing things for reduced cost,and for people on benefits I think too.

    Yes, they are my step mum takes her little doggie and she give's them a contribution because she is on benefit's.

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    Yes I know about the PDSA and RSPCA ( don't have a PDSA in Leeds anymore)... I'm not on benefits so would have been paying the full whack anyways and we were never expecting he would need an operation until we took him in that morning and was told he needed to be operated on immediately. I'll post the full story if anyone is interested..

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    I have a male Oriental cat- Simba who we guess is 9 years old ( I found him as a stray). When we first got Simba about 4 years ago we were advised to keep him inside but he always seemed so unhappy so we let him out, eventually getting him a cat flap and he comes and gos as he pleases. We live on a cul de sac so he never goes very far but I have seen him fighting with another cat before.
    Last Monday night Simba came home for his tea and I noticed some pus coming out of his hind leg. The pus was coming from a tiny puncture wound nearly on his hip joint. There was just one clear puntcure wound but I guessed that could have been caused from 1 tooth bite.
    The pus kept on coming and coming and smelt revolting. The colour was a deep yellow/ brown and the worst thing I'd ever smelt. We guessed at the time it must be very infected due to the smell. We squeezed gently on his side and the pus would come out more, and sometimes it would just seep out but all in all on that 1st night I'd guess approx 1/4 pint of pus had come out altogether.
    I took him to the vets 1st thing the next day, and the vet told me it was an abcess, more than likely due to a bite, and said she'd clean it up. She got some cotton wool and mopped up what pus was coming out. The vet then told me she'd got it all out and would give him a jab of 2 week lasting anti biotics and a painkiller. Whilst she was talking to me, the pus kept on coming out and it was gushing so much it created a puddle on the table... again the same foul smelling pus. The vet told me that was the last of it and he'd be fine with the antibiotics. I paid £55 then was sent on my way. ( An important part of this is we're not insured.. the cover ran out in April and I stupidly hadn't got round to renewing it)
    On the Thursday I noticed a lump had come up in Simbas leg just under the original puncture wound. No more pus was coming out but he was starting to bite and lick it. Simba continued to do this and he managed to lick off about 1cm square of fur. I called the vet the next day and told the receptionist what was happening, she went off to check with the Vet and came back and told me because he had the long lasting antibiotics he'd be fine and to just monitor him over the weekend.
    On Sunday, we went out and came home to find Simba had licked off lots of fur right through to the extent he'd made him skin shiny. The full damaged area was approx 10cm x 5cm, and inside of that about 6cmx3cm was very red and inflamed and it went all the way from his spine to his knee joint). This red wound looked a bit like a bruise but was quite hard to touch.
    We tried to stop him licking it for the night and then called the vet first thing this morning.

    Booked into the vets today, and about an hour before we were due pus started coming out of the sore again, this time the pus didn't really have a smell and it was a lot lighter yellow in colour. The original wound was now very obvious, and it was about the width of a knitting needle. Took him down to the vets where I saw the same vet again. She told me that she'd clean it up and see what was happening. I told the vet that he'd been biting and licking at his leg to make it like this. She cleaned over the wound with cotton wool and then said she needed a second opinion about the skin. The vet then came back and told me the second opinion was that the skin had died and he needed to have it removed. We couldn't wait to see if it repaired itself as all that would happen is the scab would fall off revealing his chest cavity! Luckily the vets werent very busy today so he could be operated on immediately.
    I asked what it would cost, andeven though I didn't have insurance, when it's your own pet I guess you always find the money somewhere so I knew whatever it was we'd have to find it somewhere.
    I was told the approx cost would be £270. The vet then asked me to sign a form to say I would be paying for the treatment and put the estimate at £300, then said " just to be on the safe side I'd change the estimate to £350." I signed the form and went on my way.
    We went back to collect him this evening and he seems to be doing well. At the counter the recpetionist told me the total cost would be £390. I argued the point as we'd been told it would be no more than £350. They said that's what we had to pay then after a wait of about half an hour we were called through to see the Operatin Vet ( We'd never met him before).

    The vet told us the operation had been a bit more complicated due to the amount of skin he had to take away, and said that if the operation hadn't been done today he would have started with gangrean and celulitis as the skin was so dead. The vet seemed genuinely surprised when I said the skin had turned that way because he'd been licking it, and gave me the impression he thought it was part of the abscess.. He then went on to explain the operation and drew out a diagram. Basically, the essence of what he told us was the abscess was difficult to heal because of it being near his spine... if it was at the bottom the pus would have gone down with gravity but this was a hard onefor Simba to get rid of and anti biotics probably wouldnt have made much difference. I asked if it should have been drained the first time and he said yes definitely would have made a big differnece. Again, he seemed genuninely surprised when I said I'd been in last week to this vets so why wasnt the drain put in then, and that I'd even called on Friday and been told it wasn't anything to worry about. He said he hadn't read the notes, so I don't think he knew we'd been in before, and said that he thinks this experience will probably make the other vet think about putting a drain into abscesses that are high up on the body. Simbas home now, and has a big scar which is about 6inches long, and has about 1/4 of his side shaved with a small drain pipe poking out of just above his knee joint pointing down.
    What I wonder is..

    Was the first visit where the Pus was simply squeezed out the right treatment at the time?
    Is it likely Simba could have killed his own skin in a matter of days?
    If I felt that the Vet had been negligent what steps would I take from here?

    Have you tried contacting the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for advice?

    I'm not a vet, but I would not have though that given a cat spends a large portion of its life licking itself combined with the fact that its saliva contains an antiseptic, would mean it is unlikely that the cat would cause damage to its own skin just by licking it.

    I also would have thought that squeezing the wound would not be the best course of action, with a drain being preferred to prevent further damage.
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