Anyone on here cardmakers/ scrapbookers?

    Seen this on ebay and wondering how hard it is to do as a crafting technique-

    They have the powders quite cheap on their other listings so I could have everything I need from her if its something worth trying.

    Plus they're local to me so I could travel and collect the items and save me some pennies!!!

    Is heat embossing a tricky technique? Ive heard on craft sites that it makes the paper curl?



    Hi there, ive been making cards for a while now but not done much embossing. Its not difficult to do just a bit messy sometimes. As regards the paper curling, this is true, you have to use a heavier weight paper or card as the heat makes it curl otherwise. Hope this helps.

    Sorry it would let me edit the post to add this! Had a look at the item on ebay and the tray that comes with the heat gun would be great. I use paper underneath - hence why it gets a bit messy!

    Embossing is fun- you will need some powders and stamps to start with, some colouring pens will be useful too. Part of the trick with embossing is to keep the gun moving over the embossed area and not to concentrate it in the same area for long,this helps to prevent burning and curling, use it at an approx 45degree angle. The gun shown is one I use and have had no problems with.

    its easy to do X)

    If you use the gun underneath the card, it doesn't curl - well, never has for me and I've been making cards for about 10 years.

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    Ah thanks guys for all of the tips! You sound like experts! Ive never tried this technique on my own before-have done it once with a friend but years ago so I couldnt remember how it works.

    That seller has quite a few things I like the look of so might have to go for it, my friend has offered to bid for me as I haven't got ebay yet!!

    Thanks again, all repped. x
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