Anyone on here good at Video editing etc ??

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Found 16th Jun 2010
Could you possibly help me with this query:

Medium - 360p (?? Recording time ??)

Large - 540p (?? Recording time ??)

HD - 720p (1.8 MB per second or 108MB per min - around 10-15mins per GB )

can you fill in the missing times, thank you

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Depends on what you'r trying to do, recording into PC, rendering on PC.. also add factors like CPU speed, ram amount, graphic capabilities etc... will vary greatly depending on what HW you've got and what you're wanting to be doing.

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I think it may be the different recording formats for the new iPhone 4


I think it may be the different recording formats for the new iPhone 4

That's also some information peeps should post lol... the more background, the bigger the picture

It depends on the bitrate which we wont kno until we get the iphone reviews

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See this is what I get from the WWDC altho it only says "Export Size" so that might not be the recording formats

surely 360p will be half of 720p (stats recording times etc) and therefore 540p will be half of 360 eg the difference 180

[360p] 900kbps

[540p] 900kbps + 450kbps so 1.35 mbps *based on your 720p stats

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So I worked it out to be about

360p around 19min per gig

540p around 12min per gig

720p around 9min per gig

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10 seconds = 12.5 mb
there fore 1 second = 1.25mb
1024mb = 819.2 Seconds =13.65 mins

so 5gig set aside would cover (at the best 720p) about 1hr 10min
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