Anyone on here Jtag hacked their Xbox?

    I need a hand with mine


    no, but i really want one, you seen the new snes emulator for it? looks well good

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    yeah it looks great

    more appealling to me is the external loading capability, i've got a couple of old dead (missing drive key) boxes in the loft

    ok guys this has got my interest.

    What is it ?

    And what does it do ?

    How do you do it ?


    ok guys this has got my interest.What is it ?And what does it do ?How do … ok guys this has got my interest.What is it ?And what does it do ?How do you do it ?


    You can play emulators, play games off the hard drive.

    Its pretty hard requires soldering as far as I know and something to do with the NAND chip?

    yes, you need a dashboard of 7371 or lower, solder 10 wires to specific places on the motherboard, then you can read the nand a few times (takes about a day, though if you have 512mb nand, expect to wait 3 days reading it, more if you get errors), once you have a good nand backup, you flash the new operating system to it which allows homebrew, playing off the hdd etc, but to be honnest, its buggy, REAL buggy.. People may say theirs are great, and go on and on about it, but yes the concept is great, the practice however (for the moment) isnt really worth it, far too buggy, games dont load, crash randomly, lol, afterall you are turning it into a PC..

    It does however give you an insight into what is to come, or what could be done if the developers actually take this further, there is another method including a cygnos chip ( a second nand chip ) so you can "switch" between the two if needed, they cost about £35 and require about the same number of wires to be soldered in.

    So best bet is just to wait?

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    So best bet is just to wait?

    Possibly, though for the moment the method to flash the nand is staying the same. And to be fair they're not much use to me sat in the loft :thumbsup:

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