Found 29th Jun 2010
Hello, i'm getting a new pup soon and i'm interested in showing him but have no idea how you go about it! Any advise or helpfull links would be great.

Thank you

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walk out the door and show him to everybody:-D

I once had a we dog that showed you its arse

find a local training / obedience class and the people who run will know how to start you off :thumbsup:

What breed is it? I can't help but think you're being a little premature as surely you need to see how the pup turns out before thinking about showing them? The first step I found was getting some good contacts and recommendations locally for getting started taking the dog to local shows and work up from there although it's not something I've actually done - when we had our boy at training classes a few people recommended him for showing and gave us some guidance as to how to get started.

Although some of this is cocker specific, hopefully some of it will be of use to you as it's intended as an introduction to showing:…9.0



My dads old business partner was a judge at crufts and he breeds and shows boxers.

I can get some info from him if you don't get anything here - PM me if you like.

You could contact the kennel club as if it's a pure breed it will have papers and be registered with them. They should be able to give you any information you need.

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He is a English pointer pup and is KC reg, also his dad has quilified for crufts so he has good breeding. I've got another dog who i took training classes ect but she is not KC reg so never looked into it. I just wondered how it all worked, do you just turn up to local shows on the day? How do you find out where and when the shows are on ect. I am going to quiz the breeder a lot more when i pick him up, but last time i was round there i got there a bit late and it was dinner time and shes got a new born baby so i didnt want to take up too much of her time :oops:
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