Anyone on Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly?

Posted 23rd Feb 2015
What's your experience with them been like? Signal and call quality? How about customer redemption? Will they negotiate a better deal with you or are they quite strict?

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Everyone in my household are on Tesco pay monthly contracts.
Customer service I always find is excellent. Only a couple of problems that were sorted quickly and efficiently.
Coverage good.

You won't get any deals from Tesco as they appear to be one of the lowest deals around.

If you are taking more than one phone though they do have the family perk offer.

I have recently upgraded two phones that still had 4 months to run and was able to do so without early penalty.

I took out two anytime upgrade offers which were more expensive so they were willing to waive.
I agree, (Not the Take That bit though :p). I tell all my friends to move to Tesco as the deals are excellent and you can cap the usage. I understand they use 02's network, but I'm not 100%.

Highly recommended.
Tesco mobile service and customer service are excellent. They don't do any sort of redemption deals. Best they could offer me was 50p per month with a pay monthly contract.
yes they use O2

they have 4G at no extra cost and I get 15 Mbps

Customer service is also excellent

Been with Tesco since I dumped Vodafone. Can't fault the customer service and signal in towns/city's is very good. Go a bit further out and its still good (though the data can be a bit up and down). Just wish we had 4G in our area to get the best out of the service! As said if you have a few people on your family and you stick them on your account you get the family perk option of either an extra 250mb data, 500 mins of tesco to tesco mobile calls or 150 mins of extra calls. That is for all on the family perk too. Plus you can change you family perk offer each month.
We are with them, have been for about a year and a half, we have 2 PM sims and we get the family perk thing which we use for extra data usage. There's been a couple of times in our area where the signal has gone of for a few hours, when we contacted staff via Twitter they were really helpful. Yes they piggy back on O2's masts. They have account apps for android, iOs and windows mobile which is really handy for checking your usage, you can also add a buffer to your account so if you go over your usage it will only let you spend an extra £x

We are on £7.50pm each, sim only and we get 250 mins, 5000 texts and 500mb data (+ 250mb for family perks) each. Not sure if they do that deal anymore but it was the best I could find at the time.Quidco do cashback for phone and sim only contracts.

*when I say best I actually mean the cheapest
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yeah I agree what's been said above, SIM only deals are great and so are the family offers. the only thing I don't like is they're pay monthly plans aren't really flexible in store. most phones are say x a month but you can't get that same phone on a cheaper deal with a smaller tariff.
Thanks everyone, really helpful feedback

Thanks everyone, really helpful feedback

Depends where about you are,I'm in rural south west and no chance of a signal anywhere near my house.
I'm very happy with mine, I have two sims so far, I agree with everything above, and just to clarify on the family perks, each person can have a different perk, eg one can have the data and another can have the extra minutes, depending on each persons needs, and they are great for the kids as you can cap them at whatever level you want
ditto to all positive answers above. can't fault them
I currently use them for a sim only deal but I bought my iPhone 4 from them back in the day and never had any trouble during my contract with calls etc although the phone was a dodgy one but they did replace it. Given they piggy back on O2 you shouldn't have a problem with coverage. The only slight problem can be in relation to the internet as O2 customers do get priority over Tesco mobile customers. Given how cheap they are I haven't been tempted to make a switch to O2 themselves though.
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