Anyone On The 600 Minutes' Orange To Orange PAYG £10 p/m Tariff?

    Thanks to HUKD many moons ago, I was on an Orange PAYG offer which gave me 600 free minutes' off-peak Orange to Orange for £10 a month, and 3000 free texts for £15 per month.

    You'd get a text confirmation from Orange when you topped up. My last for the 600 minute calls was in October.

    I phoned CS to ask why the free calls don't happen any more. They said that the offer lasts 5 years (?) and had run out recently.

    It would have been nice of Orange to text me about it! The PAYG "animal" tariffs don't have anything as good. Has anyone else been on this offer?

    The 3000 free texts for £15 still works, something to do with the tariff I'm on.

    Are there any other, better Orange PAYG options?


    Try tesco mobiles sim only. it's only a 30 day contract.
    £10pm gets you
    500 mins
    3000 texts
    500mb internet

    £15 gets you the same but 750 mins instead..

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    Thanks but I'd rather do without contract as I tend to use my landline more. Just wondering if anyone managed to find any offers with Orange.

    Check out giffgaff no contract

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    Thanks, bhara. They look great! My niece had talked about them before, but as she's 11, I thought she was talking gobbledygook when she said the name!

    The guy at Orange CS (I asked for my PAC code) was trying to offer me contracts. Felt a bit sorry for him as I suppose they can't offer anything near as good at GiffGaff PAYG. My mum was on the 600 minutes' offer too, so I'll encourage her to join too. The Orange PAYG packages are a bit dismal.

    Are the "x minutes" calls on GiffGaff any time, any network? I can't see anything specified.
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    Thanks again bhara. I went through a recommend a friend link (someone I didn't know, but oh well) and got £5 credit. Topped up by a tenner and have 250 free minutes (any network), unlimited text and internet! Orange couldn't touch that, all they offered me was a contract.

    Thrilled I made the change! Just hope the unlimited internet hangs around..they keep saying they're going to start charging soon.
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