anyone on virgin

    if so is any of your on demand services working tryin to catch up on hollyoaks and it wontwork


    Misread the title. Sorry. :-(


    Misread the title. Sorry. :-(

    me too:oops:

    Many services have been down for a few days. has been subject to a massive suspected SPAM attack see the BBC News website for an article:…stm

    Got 4 kids

    Original Poster

    i have 3 kids but i was not asking that

    I wonder if Virgin thought that Hollyoaks was the TV equivalent of spam and filtered the program out :whistling:

    just tried it i got ep 6/10 someone looking for newt hth :-D

    Mine has not been working for hours jackie

    Mine never works anymore, i've resorted to iplayer and the likes. Find catch up on demand really hit and miss with Virgin. Wish i had sky +
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