Anyone one know where hubby can watch Hatton fight in London?

    Anyone know anywhere screening this fight that is not a bar or pub, like one of those coffee shops?

    In London, preferably East or West.

    Rep to be had!


    Don't have a clue to be honest, possibly a sports bar but I would always recommend getting some friends together and splitting the cost of PPV or they can bring some snacks down for everyone, so it works out pretty cheap and comfortable.

    I'm going to watch it with about 8 people tonight at my house with poker in between the fights.

    i know sports cafe are showin it

    but if i'm right in london thats right in the city nah?

    Anywhere online? ;-)

    This site is showing it:…31&

    Just make sure you download sopcast or tvants to make sure you're able to watch it, which you can find on that site.

    Hope that helps.

    just make sure you start your stream early!

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    thanks, guys will give it a go! :thumbsup:

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    Thanks again guys, hubby was very happy watching it on the net!

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