Anyone onto Astrophotography?

Posted 30th Dec 2019
Hi guys, I’m looking to get a DSLR camera for Astrophotography. I found a bundle of a camera that was recommended for this purpose, the link is here…dle

I want to a ideally spend around the £600 limit, as I’m aware the price could be a 4 or even 5 digits to get decent stuff.

Is the bundle any good for The purpose? I’m asking because all these numbers and mm’s mean nothing was to me at all.
Appreciated in advance if anyone has any advice or elaboration.
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There is a lot of rubbish equipment in the pack which is unnecessary. Also, you need F2.0 lens really so as to let in the maximum amount of light possible, as it should be pitch black when taking astro photos.

I use a Canon 760d and a Samyang F2.0 lens and get superb results. A basic tripod and i use the canon app on my iPhone as a remote shutter release so as not to move the camera by pressing the button and causing shake.

Have a look at Camera Price Buster to find the cheapest kit and also look at Canons Cashback offers on there website which they send you money back after uploading receipts.
What sort of astrophotography are you interested in? Wide field? Planets? deep sky? I'd suggest not spending a penny until you have spent a bit of time learning what the numbers and mm's actually mean before you make a costly mistake. Plenty of online resources to help.
Cheers guys, I’m into deep sky photography, forgot to mention that
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