Anyone ordered a DS from Additions Direct Before?

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Found 30th Apr 2008
Just wondering as I was about to order one using the £15 off voucher but notice that the delivery date listed is August 6th 2008, is this just a date they put to cover themselves or would I really be made to wait that long?

The date is a mistake surely?


That would be some long wait, assume the worst!

You might has well get a Wii from Littlewoods with delivery in October!

I ordered a Wii from Marshall Ward (same group as Additions) on 15th April.

They stated delivery as being 9th July (12 weeks) at time of ordering but I assume that they said that to cover themselves as I ordered a pair of Nike trainers in the sale for my son and they stated 9 weeks for delivery but they turned up 10 days later.

I was expecting an update by now, though (seems like it's been ages I am waiting!) so don't know what is going on with it - I ain't too keen to wait till July especially as I have heard so much about Mario Kart and Wii Fit!


You might has well get a Wii from Littlewoods with delivery in October!

Think it's Wii Fit you mean. The wii's are stating as 12 weeks.

They aren't even letting you order Wii Fit at the moment though or I would have ordered it.

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Just got this reply, it seems August is correct, weird as it states it's a stock item.

Thank you for choosing to shop at [url][/url]On … Thank you for choosing to shop at [url][/url]On checking our stock delivery dates for the Nintendo DS,the information given on-line is correct,at present this item is on 14 weeks delivery delay.We look forward to hearing from you soon.Kind RegardsDiane AlbrowCustomer SupportAdditions Direct[url][/url]

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