Anyone ordered a Panasonic washing machine?...

    I have ordered one but Panasonic have removed Comet from their website as a participating retailer.

    It is due to be delivered on wed.

    I contacted panasonic today to be told that they will not honour the 5 year warranty- i'm not sure what to do. I am going to phone them again tomorrow, if they don't honour it i may cancel.


    If panny are not going to honour it then you need written confirmation from Comet that THEY WILL. If they sold it to you with a 5 year warranty in the item description they either they honour it, or if they meant it was a panny warranty and panny wont... then id cancel the order and save yourself the hastle.

    Had something like this before with comet. Bought a Hotpoint washing machine from them with a three year warranty. It went wrong over xmas so tried calling comet repair people and they were closed. Called Hotpoint only to be told that Comet do not purchase the warranty's from the manufacturers and fix everything with their own engineers under their own warranty scheme.

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    It was advertised instore that the washing machine comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. This was backed up by panasonics website which has now changed.

    I would of thought that if at the time of purchase it was advertised on panasonics website that they couldnt back out of it as its false advertising. Same applies with instore. If you bought the washer with the understanding that it came with the warranty then that formed part of the deal/contract. They cannot change their minds after the sale. Does your paperwork state it comes with the 5 year warranty?

    why have they removed comet from their website if they're still selling the machines? could it be down to comets AWFUL AWFUL customer service?!
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