Anyone ordered the flash drive from ?

    Did anyone order this flash drive ?…57/

    Just wondered if anyone has received their's as i haven't, i never even received a dispatch email, it says posted on the 4/10 in order history.


    They can take a while to deliver, I ordered a CD and a pair of headphones on the same day, both were dispatched the same day and recieved the headphones 10 days after the CD.
    They won't even look into it until after 21 days.

    I am in exactly the same position as you op.

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    i ordered a sd card a month ago never came just got my refund
    play are getting worse

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    Hmmmm, just have to wait till the 21 days are up then get a refund

    Wonder whether it was a pricing error and they never actually sent any out even tho they stated they did ?

    I think it was a pricing error as i never got any e-mails but they took the payment cheeky *******s
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    Well i never !!

    Just looked at my account and the order has changed to awaiting stock ! So considering it was meant to be posted on the 4th, how can suddenly be awaiting stock ? They also took payment.

    I think a phonecall is in order

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    Thnik this is going to be the last time i use them, i dont use them very often anyway, just for bargains
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